Motor sled rentals Calgary, Snow scooter Rentals Calgary


If there’s one thing that will never change, it’s that Albertans love to be outside. Rain, shine, or especially in the snow, we love to explore the great outdoors. With the Rocky Mountains right on our doorstep, that’s no surprise. But if you’re tired of the ski slopes, and you don’t feel like skating, don’t worry. There are other options, with a lot more horsepower! Motor sled rentals in Calgary is one adrenaline filled way to get out in the powder and have some fun! We’ve got the snow – why not take advantage of it!

Snow scooter Rentals Calgary, Motor sled rentals Calgary

Calgary Snow Scooter Rentals Get You on the Trail

There are hundreds of miles of perfect motor sled friendly trails within driving distance of Calgary. But not everyone gets enough time to explore them, and when you do, getting your family, friends and gear out can be quite a job. Snow scooter rentals makes it easy to explore the mountains on the perfect machine, without the investment or the planning.

Get in your car or truck and head to the hills. With motor sled rentals in Calgary available nearby, it’s the perfect day trip! Choose your snow scooter and find the right trail on your own or get a recommendation. The right snow scooter for the trail makes all the difference!

With motor sled rentals Calgary, it couldn’t be easier to plan your own high speed trail adventure. If you already know what you want to rent, let us know. If not, our professional team will match you with the perfect choice for your skill level. Speed demon or more sedate, we’ve got options for everyone!

We’ve got so many world class snowmobile trails close to Calgary, there’s never an excuse to be bored in the winter! If you’re not sure where to take your snow scooter rental when you collect it, we can help there too. Our team are all trail enthusiasts themselves, so they can point you to the perfect place to open her up! however


Snow scooter Rentals Calgary, Motor sled rentals Calgary






    Speed & Handling

    When you’re flying over the snow in the mountains, you need a machine you can trust. All of our motor sled rentals combine mind boggling speed with impeccable handling. Our rentals make your next exciting trail adventure exhilarating and safe. That’s what happens when you choose a high-tech sled!

    Motor Sled Guided Tours

    Are you new to the slopes? No problem! Our rental service caters to experienced riders, and those who are just starting out. Ask about our guided motor sled tours that will get you started with all the fun and no risk. Our expert guides will show you the ropes!

    Your Trail Adventure. Snow Scooter Rentals Calgary

    If skiing doesn’t do it anymore, and skating is just no fun, there’s one thing you need to try. Attacking the fresh snow on our amazing trails is the ultimate way to see the Rockies. You might not be able to see it all as you speed by, but it’s an experience you’ll just never forget!