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There’s nothing quite like flying down snow covered trails on a skimobile. But if you don’t own one yet, you might think you’re left behind. Not anymore! We offer ski-doo rentals near Calgary, so you can feel the speed and freedom too! Choose a machine that suits your skill level and experience, ask us about the best trails, and go! We even offer beginner training so that you know how to get started. A skimobile experience is accessible to everyone! There’s nothing else quite like it. So don’t wait! Contact us, and let’s get you out on the slopes.


skimobile Rentals Calgary, ski-doo rentals Calgary

Calgary Skimobile Rentals Get You Started

Once you’ve tried skiing, snowboarding, sledding and skating, you might want something faster and more exciting. It doesn’t get faster or more thrilling than riding a skimobile down the slopes around Calgary! It’s a great way to get out on a sunny winter day, and it’s perfect for spending time with family and friends!

Many of the people who come to us for ski-doo rentals in Calgary are tired of the same old winter sports. They’ve tried skiing and mastered snowboarding. They already have skates, and there’s only so much sledding you can do! But a skimobile gives you the power to really explore. With a skidoo, you can see more of the beautiful countryside around Calgary too!

But you don’t have to spend thousands of dollars to try skimobile riding if you’re not sure it’s for you. Or even if you’re just visiting Calgary! We rent a huge variety of skimobiles to locals and visitors. We have machines that are perfect for every skill level. From families to adrenaline junkies. Find your ski-doo rental here!

There’s nowhere quite like Calgary to try this sport though. We’ve got miles and miles of manicured trails around our city. Whether you prefer it flatter or love to whiz through the mountains. There’s a trail for everyone, and we’ll help you find the perfect one for you! Everyone who works here loves to get out there too, so we’ll give you all the inside tips you need! Skimobile Rentals Calgary therefore

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    Speed & Power

    When it comes to winter sports, skimobiles are one of the most adrenaline packed options. If you love speed, power and excitement, this is the perfect thing for you! It’s easy to get started too. Riding a skimobile, even if it’s your first time, is as easy as riding a bike. Don’t worry though – we’ll show you all the tricks!

    Guided Skimobile Tours

    When you choose us for your ski-doo rentals in Calgary, we won’t just leave you to it! If you’re not already comfortable on a snow sled, ask about our guided tours! We’ll send you out on the trials with a highly skilled guide. Get on the trail training while you have fun!

    Once in a Lifetime Memories. Skimobile Rentals Calgary

    We’ve got customers that we see every winter. Why? Because there’s nothing like a ski mobile on the trail for winter exhilaration! Once you’ve tried our ski-doo rentals in Calgary, you’ll be hooked! But even fi you only hit the trails on a skimobile once, you’ll make some one-of-a-kind memories.