Looking for a new and exciting winter activity to do in Alberta? Look no further than Murphy's Snowmobile Rentals Calgary! With over 450 miles of trails around Calgary, there's a new adventure every day at Murphy's Snowmobile Rentals Calgary. Fun for the whole family! Novice and experienced riders welcome.

snowmobile rentals calgary

We have a snowmobile ready for you.

The Murphy's Snowmobile Rentals Calgary lets you fully customize your adventure in the back country and experience the thrill of powder riding. For 2-hours or more you will enjoy the thrill of off trail riding, hill climbing, and powder riding. If on a double sled, you will explore groomed trails with your guide in an intimate group setting.

Book online or call our team for recommendations on the perfect snowmobile for you or your group.  In case you've been riding the trails for years, or have never even sat on a snowmobile, we can help you decide which tour is right for you

Did you know that Kananaskis is known as one of the best snowmobile locations in North America? Here, the snowmobile season starts early and runs long. And, with HUNDREDS of miles of picture-perfect trails to choose from - some of which start right here outside the town.

If you love to ride or have always wanted to try, frosty Calgary is a snowmobile paradise. Choose a sled you like, pick out a trail that suits your riding skill level and off you go.





  • Available November 15, 2020 through March 15, 2021
  • Reservation Hours: 9 AM - 9 PM.
  • Rental Hours: 9 AM - 9 PM, seven days a week.
  • Deposit: Credit card is required on all models for all dates.
  • Cancellation: A minimum of 14 days' notice is required for a refund.
  • All Snowmobile Rentals, both inside and outside of Calgary: Must be 21 years old and have a valid driver's license to drive a snowmobile.


    Built for Speed & Maneuvers

    Take the ride of your life with the world’s most advanced production snowmobile. Merging modern design, technology, and engineering, the Ski Doo 850 is a high quality, snowmobile that delivers all the virtues of snow adventure. Quiet, sustainable and human-powered, the lightweight Ski Doo 850 Summit 165 is easy to assemble, transport and store in compact spaces.

    Snowmobile Tours

    These tours give you the freedom to discover each region with a care-free attitude. Leave the logistics up to the expert tour guides who are there to share their local knowledge with you. We offer a wide range of snowmobile tours across British Columbia and Alberta. Our expert tour leaders will take care of every element. Moreover, their passion and local knowledge will bring the journey to life.

    Snowmobiling Adventure

    If you’ve always wanted to try snowmobiling, then Snowmobile Rental is for you.
    It is the ultimate adventure on snow: action-packed and adrenaline-pumping with the added bonus of stunning scenery and amazing views for the duration of the entire trip. We operate November to April, when the mountains are covered in pristine white snow.

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