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Golden is the jewel of the Rockies. If you’re planning to visit this beautiful town in the winter, and want to find something new and exciting to do, you’re in the right place! The hills, trails and mountains around downtown Golden are perfect for snowmobile adventures, and with snow mobile rentals in Golden, anyone can try it! Whether you’re visiting Golden with friends or the kids, are an experienced rider or it’s your first time, rent a snow mobile and see the trails in a whole new way! SnowMobile Rentals Golden

snowmobile rentals Banff

The Right Snowmobile for Each Rider. Snowmobile Rentals Golden

Golden is surrounded by hundreds of miles of perfect snowmobile trails, and our Golden snowmobile rentals are the perfect way to see them. Choose between high speed solo adventures along backcountry trails, on hills and out on the powder covered slopes. Or opt for a more sedate guided experience in a double sled, with one of our experienced team along for the ride.

While it may be more famous for skiing, Golden is one of the premier snowmobile destinations in north America. The season is long, the snow is deep and perfect, and the trails offer something new every time you explore them.

We offer easy online bookings if you already know what you want to rent and do, or you can call us to find out more. Whether you are an experienced rider looking to race along new trails and get the adrenaline pumping, or just want to try snowmobiling for the first time, we’ve got you covered.

Don’t wait to plan your ideal Golden snowmobile experience! Contact us, choose a sled that meets your experience level and appetite for speed, and let us guide you the best trails to open it up! There’s no thrill like snowmobiling in Golden! however SnowMobile Rentals Golden

Snow Mobile Rentals Golden






    Built for Speed & Maneuvers

    There’s nothing that compares to flying down the snowy trails near Banff, and no better machines to do it on than the Ski Doo. This powerful machine is technologically advanced, packed with safety features and easy to use. It’s light weight, built from sustainable materials, and perfect for any slopes.

    Snowmobile Tours

    Not ready to tackle the trails on your own? A guided snowmobile tour gives you the same adrenaline rush and freedom, with a little help. Expert tour guides will help you to master your machine, and show you all the very best trails, tracks and sights of the mountains around Banff.

    Snowmobiling Adventure

    It doesn’t get more Canadian than racing down a snowy trail on a snowmobile. We offer all the adventure and fun, with none of the commitment. Rent a fast, well maintained and easy to ride snowmobile anytime in the winter, and check this off your winter bucket list.