Ski Doo 850 Summit 165

Ski-Doo's 2020 Summit SP makes it possible for a rider to ride longer, go further and push harder. It's ultra-responsive to rider input for effortless handling, and packs instant power delivery for conquering intimidating mountain terrain.






    Polaris Switchback

    Murphy's Snowmobile Rentals has wide range of the most powerful and technologically advanced snowmobile  in the industry! This season we carry SkiDoo Ski Doo 850 Summit 165. Pick the snowmobile of your dreams, and make your back country adventure one to remember.  For more information, click BOOK NOW


    SkiDoo Summit 850

    Quite simply, the agile, powerful and effortless Ski-Doo Summit is the beginning of a new era in mountain riding. A mountain sled has never been so responsive and agile, thanks to the combination of REV Gen4 platform and Rotax 850 E-TEC engine.